News: Is This a Godsend or Simply Illegal? Get the Ultimate Magic Bible Now (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Is This a Godsend or Simply Illegal? Get the Ultimate Magic Bible Now (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Ricky Jay is a living cult hero. Adored by the serious magic community, revered by contemporary playwrights such as David Mamet, Ricky is in constant demand. In truth, he has never quite achieved the wealth commensurate with his worth and acclaim. So we felt a tinge of shock when we saw that one of his classic books, Cards As Weapons, is now available free on Scribd, uploaded by a gentleman named Uncle Phil. I mean, we would not shed any tears if a David Copperfield book or DVD were uploaded to the internet. But Ricky is a Purist and we would hate to see him get ripped off.

Is This a Godsend or Simply Illegal? Get the Ultimate Magic Bible Now (FREE DOWNLOAD)

A new version on Amazon runs approximately at the steep price of $349.65.

View it for free here.

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Okay, if you're willing to share your ideas and techniques with the world by publishing a book, great! You're entitled to make your share of the 20-30 bucks a copy, and you deserve it. But if you want to charge $350 a copy for it, it's just plain greedy. I fail to understand why you would hate to see some greedy bastard get ripped off, brilliant purist or not.
Information is a commodity, and like any other commodity, if you're going to market it poorly you're not going to sell it. If your product is something easily replicated and distributed without your consent, be prepared to have it ripped off. Do you feel bad for Adobe when hundreds of people steal their software every day because they price it beyond their market's means? It's the same thing.
Also, I'm going to go download this book right now.

I don't believe Ricky Jay is the man to blame. He may be greedy, but it's not him making the profit. It's local bookshops and collector's trying to get your green. It's considered a collector's item now. An old book forgotten... with an original price of $8.95. It's all about supply and demand. It's not in demand, so it hasn't been reprinted, which means those who really want it suffer from the evil hands of tyranny.

Think of baseball cards. Comic books. Action figures. Hell, I even bought a DVD copy of "They Live" for over $50 bucks because it was out-of-print… out-of-print until they reprinted it three years later for the meager price of $9.99 a copy. F**K!

That book was terrible anyways... I read the first twenty pages or so. He is a crackpot hippie.

Page 41 is my favorite blatant use of nudity to evoke a response.

Just watch HOUSE OF GAMES and shut the f*ck up. The man is a genius.

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