How To: Amaze your friends with a great wallet card trick

Amaze your friends with a great wallet card trick

Andy Field shows us a trick that has little set up and carries a high reaction. This trick is called the wrong prediction trick. You will need a deck of playing cards a wallet and a black magic marker. Take out the queen of hearts and write "9 of clubs" on the back of it. Stick the card in the wallet face side up this will be called the "force card". Find the 9 of clubs in the deck and slightly bend it to give a slight concave effect. Do the same to the queen of hearts. Fan out the deck face up and put the 9 of clubs 2nd from the top. When person goes to pick a card make them touch this card. Advise them this is the card he will predict and turn it over and put it back on the top of the deck. Cut the deck in half and put the top half to the bottom making sure the bent card, 9 of clubs, is 5 or 6 cards from the middle. Push the 9 of clubs slightly in to your palm and cover it so you know exactly where it is. Fan the cards out on the table in the ribbon spread high deck fashion to have person view all the cards. Pull the flipped over 9 of clubs from the deck and lay on the table face up. Let them know you want to pull out your prediction card from the wallet and show them you picked the queen of hearts. When they see they are different advise this is too bad and you make the wrong prediction. Then let them know you're glad they picked that card and flip over the queen of hearts card showing the "9 of clubs" written on the back. They will be amazed!

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