How To: Perform the Classic Pick a Card Trick

Perform the Classic Pick a Card Trick

Magician Chris Webb shows you how to do the "Pick a Card" trick on The Telegraph's YouTube channel.

  1. Shuffle the deck of cards.
  2. Allow the person you perform the trick on to draw a card.
  3. While they are looking at the card, split the deck while glancing at the card on the bottom of the top half. For this example, the card on the bottom of the top half is the Queen of Diamonds.
  4. Ask the person you are performing the trick for to place the card into the deck where you split it.
  5. Allow the person to cut the deck as often as they want.
  6. Turn the cards over and spread them. Find the card that is above the Queen of Diamonds. That card should be the other person's card.

Note: This trick does not work 100% of the time because the other person may shuffle really well, and the two cards will not remain next to one another. Tell the other person your magic messed up if this happens, and try the trick again.

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