How To: Do the 4 Kings magic card trick

Do the 4 Kings magic card trick

In order to perform the Four Kings magic card trick, you will need to begin with the set up. Remove the four kings for the deck. Place the four kings on top of the deck. When they pick a card, force your king as their card. Make it look like you are pushing their card into the center of the deck, instead, put it at the bottom of the break: i.e. underneath the 3 other kings. Show them the top four cards and show them that one of the cards is theirs, but peel off 7 cards, showing them their king plus 3 other random cards, peeling them off, but shielding the kings. Tell them that you think that it is their card and one of the other cards. Tell them that you think their card is the king, because the other cards are two sided. Use the 3 extra cards for this force. Next, reveal all four kings. Conceal the 3 extra cards as you place the kings on the deck.

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