How To: Do Aldo Colombini's " Fast Food" card trick

Do Aldo Colombini's " Fast Food" card trick

In this tutorial, we learn how to do a "fast food" card trick. You will need three blue jokers, and a regular orange deck with the jokers removed. To begin, have someone remove to cards from the deck and flip them over. Now, take these two cards and remember both of them. Now, put the blue jokers out and put the chosen cards into the deck between them. Now, set the jokers with the selection cards to the side. Now show the spectators that their card are in the deck and then hide the cards so the audience can't see. Then, tell them you can find their card, and spread their cards out. Then, you will find the joker face up surrounded by your two cards! This is a great trick to pull on friends and is very easy to learn.

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