How To: Do a basic casino card shuffle

Do a basic casino card shuffle

The video demonstrates how to perform a basic card shuffle. First you have to divide the card deck into two equal decks and hold them one in each hand. Make sure that you hold the cards with three fingers, the thumb at one end and the middle and ring fingers at the other. Then you can hold the two decks little close to each other and bend the decks at the ends facing each other using the forefinger to press in the middle of the deck. Then let go off the cards in both the decks one by one in a manner that they overlap. Make sure the decks are not very close to each as this may result in difficulty in releasing the cards. Once this is done, you can hold the decks in your palms with the thumbs above and pointing forward and all the other fingers under the decks. Then the fingers below the decks can be released slowly to let the cards shuffle properly. Make sure that you do not bend the cards too much which will result in the two card decks popping off separately. If you follow these steps, you can learn to shuffle the cards easy and fast.

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