How To: Do the blindfolded deck card trick

Do the blindfolded deck card trick

With 2 simple props and a bit of sleight of hand, you can be well on your way to performing an interesting card trick.

Amaze your friends with this very simple card trick.

Step 1: Look at top card

Look at the top card of the deck before you perform the trick.

Step 2: Put deck under handkerchief

Show your audience the deck of cards; face down in your palm.

Step 3: Put handkerchief over deck

Place a handkerchief over the deck while turning it so the face is up, without the audience noticing.

TIP: Keep the audience engaged with a joke or a bit of magic history.

Step 4: Cut the deck

Have an audience member cut the deck.

Step 5: Pick up bottom pile

Pick up the bottom pile and flip it over under the handkerchief so it is face down again in your palm.

Step 6: Show deck

Show the deck, face down in your hand, tap the top card, and reveal the card to the audience.

Step 7: Tell audience card

Tell the audience what card you are holding up. Bow and take in the applause

Did you know? The oldest known deck of cards had four suits containing designs of coins, cups, swords and polo sticks.

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