How to Do card tricks: "Four Cards" trick

"Four Cards" trick

In this video, we learn how to do card tricks: "Four Cards" trick. First grab a regular deck of card and double stick tape. Take any of the aces and place an inch of the double stick tape on the back of it. Put this on the top of the deck and the other aces on top of this one. Start off where the person pulls out the deck, then you mix it up keeping the four aces on top. Next, have them pick a card and when they are showing it to everyone, take the card and have them put it on top of the aces. From here, do a form to get a pinkie break above the cards. Then, do a swing cut and swivel the rest of the packet off. Take the four cards from the top, then place them on top of the packet so you have five cards, one with the double stick tape. From here, take your index finger and peel the taped card from the bottom card so you can get a break under all cards except their card. Now, place the card out and they will think you are magic!

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