How to Do card tricks: "Mismag822" card trick revealed

"Mismag822" card trick revealed

This is a video tutorial in the Magic & Parlor Tricks category where you are going to learn how to do card tricks: "Mismag822" card trick revealed. This is really easy for beginners. Ask someone to tell you a number from one to ten and count up those many cards from the deck and place them face down on a table. Now count out the same number of cards two more times and put them on the table. Then ask them to place the rest of the pack on any one of the piles. Next ask them to pick up any one of the other two piles, shuffle it and memorize the top card, for example king of diamonds. Place the card on top of the pile and place the pile on top of the deck and take the remaining pile on top of the deck. Now take the deck in your hand give it one shuffle and tell them when you spell out my name is "mis mag a2" your card will be there. Do this and reveal the king of diamonds. Watch the video to learn the trick.

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