How To: Do the color changing deck trick

Do the color changing deck trick

Looking to pick up a new card trick? Amaze your friends with your ability to change the colors of all of the cards in a deck with this video on how to do the color changing deck trick.

You Will Need:
• A double-backed deck of cards

Step 1: Arrange deck so the cards all show one color
Arrange the deck of cards so that all of the red sides of the cards are face up and the blue sides are face down.

Step 2: Fan the cards with the red backs showing
Place the stack of cards on a table. Fan them out without turning the cards over so that your audience can see that the backs of all of the cards are red.

Step 3: Restack the cards
Un-fan the cards so that they are stacked neatly. Say "Watch closely as I change these cards from red to blue."

Step 4: Pick deck up the palm of your hand
Carefully pick the whole deck of cards up in the palm of your hand, with the red backs touching your palm.

Step 5: Turn your palm over
Quickly turn your palm over so that the blue backs are now face up. The palm of your hand should be pointing up.

Step 6: Fan the deck of cards with the blue backs up
Let the deck of cards slide onto the table from your palm, so that the blue backs are showing. Fan the cards to show that all of the cards are now blue.

Trivia: The color wheel was invented by Isaac Newton.

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