How To: Do the Color Monte card trick

Do the Color Monte card trick

Wow the next party you go to with the "Color Monte" card trick!

Step 1: Stack the cards in your hand
Square the 3 cards in your hand with the random card on top, the red Ace in the middle & the black Ace on the bottom.

Step 2: Show the red Ace
Perform a double-lift, grabbing the top & middle cards together, pulling the 2 cards off to look like 1 card. Show the red Ace from the bottom of the 2 cards to the audience & place them on top of the other card.

Step 3: Show the red Ace again
Take the top card, which should be the random card, & set it aside face down. The audience will think this is the red Ace. Show them the actual red Ace & place it on top of the random card aside. Repeat this with the black Ace.

Step 4: Move top 2 cards to the bottom
Double-lift the top 2 cards the same way as in step 2 & move them to the bottom. You will appear to have moved only the black Ace to the bottom. Now reveal that the red Ace is on the bottom.

Step 5: Grab the top & bottom cards
Slide the middle card out slightly using your first 2 fingers. Then pull the bottom card & the top card off together, so they look like one card. Show the audience the red Ace, which is now at the bottom of the 2 cards you pulled. Place those cards back on top while maintaining the illusion of 1 card.

Step 6: Reveal middle card
Show the audience the middle card, which is now the red Ace again. The audience has now seen the red Ace in all 3 positions. Place the red Ace back in middle.

Step 7: Reveal black card
Show the audience the black Ace on the bottom. Using the same method from step 5, pull the top & bottom cards off together so that it looks as if the black Ace has jumped to the top card.

Step 8: Reveal random card
Place all 3 cards in a row on the table, face-down. Flip over the red & black Aces & put the random card face-down in the middle. The audience still thinks the middle card must be a red Ace. Flip over the middle card to reveal the random car

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