How To: Do the "Elvis has left the building" card trick

Do the "Elvis has left the building" card trick

First of all you need a normal deck of playing cards. You need to use four kings for this trick. Remember that whenever you are performing the card trick then do not say that you are using a normal deck of paying cards, unless you are really using it. Now take out the four kings from the deck. Now you need to take out any twelve cards from the deck. Now keep the deck away and hold the twelve cards and the four kings. Now place these four kings over the twelve cards. Now lay these four kings separately on the table facing upwards. Now count and place three cards on the first king facing downwards. Repeat this for the other cards to make four piles. Now square up all the cards to produce four piles such that there is a king facing upwards at the bottom of each pile. Then place three piles in front, and one pile behind them. Now say the magic words loudly “Elvis has left the building". Now open the cards to show that every king is gone from under all three front piles. Now open the pile kept at behind and show that all the four kings are here and 'Elvis never dies'. To learn the trick the tutor advises to visit the magic store and spend little money. That’s it.

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