How To: Do the Imprint card trick

Do the Imprint card trick

In order to do the Imprint card trick, you will need the following: blank bicycle cards, standard bicycle cards, and pre-prepared cards. You will need to make or purchase cards that are blank on one side. Some will need to have the designs that you want to elicit in your trick. Here, you will need blue cards and red cards. Begin with one blue card and one red card on the table. Place 2 blank red cards face up, followed by 3 face down blue cards. Then, place one red face up at the bottom. Now, do an Elmsley count. Turn them over. Move the top card to the bottom and do another Elmsley count. Peel off cards to show that they are blank on both sides. Rub the cards against the blue card. Do another Elmsley count. Remove a blue card. Place the red card on top and rub it. Then, do another Elmsley count.

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