Do prediction card tricks: "X Marks The Spot Card"

"X Marks The Spot Card"

Polish up your prediction card tricks. Easy and amazing prediction card trick revealed in this tutorial.

1.Gather two permanent markers, a piece of paper, clear nail polish and a deck of cards.

2.Dip the tip of one of the markers in the nail polish so that it doesn't write.

3.Place the good marker up your sleeve.

4.Use the good marker to place an X on one of the cards and write that card on the piece of paper.

5.Hand the spectator the deck and ask them to cut the cards while holding them behind their back.

6. Hand them the non-functioning marker and tell them to make a large X on the card of their choice with the deck still behind their back.

7.The only card with the X on it is the one you already marked! It will seem to the spectator as if you predicted his card!

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