How To: Do the probability card trick

Do the probability card trick

First of all you need two different types of playing cards. You can take the blue and the red color cards. Spread these cards on the table facing downwards. Now mix them together randomly. Again mix them as thoroughly as you can on the table. Now pick out a red color card of your choice from anywhere on the table. Now again mix the cards thoroughly on the table. Now pick up any blue card of your choice anywhere from the table. Now ask the audience “what probability is that of picking the same card?”. The answer is there are fifty two cards in the deck so the odds are ‘one in fifty two’. Now turn over both the cards. You shall find that both the cards are ‘king of spades’. Now turn over all the cards on the table. You shall find that all the cards are not king of spades. So it was a complete random act. If anyone thinks that it is a setup act then he is wrong. The odds are ‘one in fifty two’. The tutor then says that he did it seventy three times till he finally got it right. That's it.

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