How To: Do the slip cut sandwich card trick

Do the slip cut sandwich card trick

If you've ever wanted to do card magic tricks or just want to know how a certain magic card trick is done then watch and learn how to perform the slip cut sandwich card trick. This is a simple card trick can be done by anyone regardless of experience, you want to being by stating that the two jacks are going to assist you in finding the card. Then have a spectator tell you when to stop when your riffling through the deck. When told to stop just pull two cards out as one and place at the top of the deck, and bury the top card, which isn't the card shown. Now just place the jacks back on top and do a slip cut. If you performed the slip cut right when you turn over the first three cards in the deck it should be a red jack then the card chosen by the spectator then the black jack. You've just performed a magic trick or learned how it was done to you.

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