How To: Do three color-changing card tricks

Do three color-changing card tricks

In order to perform a three color-changing card trick, you will need the following: a deck of cards. For the set up of this trick, you will need to remove the Ace of Diamonds and the Ace of Hearts from the deck. Put one on the top and place the other one on the bottom. Next, you will need to flick the deck from one hand to the other. When you toss it into the other hand, you switch the top card out for the bottom card, after showing the bystander the top card. In the second phase, you make an ace vanish into the deck. Place the ace on top of the deck in advance. You will need to slide the top card to the bottom in a conceal. Then, you can reveal as you did in the first set up. In the 3rd set up, place 2 aces on top of the deck. Then, do a double lift. Reveal the bottom card. This utilizes the same switch. In the double lift, you should slide the visible card to the bottom. This will create a color change. Then, you can flip to reveal, as you did in the first version.

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