How To: Levitate a card for fun

Levitate a card for fun

A very simple and easy trick is involved in levitating a card. The following are the steps to be followed:

1. First take a plain card. Also take tape and a normal string.
2. You need to stick this tape on the fair side of the card such that the tape is not visible. It is good to take the tape in plain and see through color.
3. Take the string which is very thin and in very light color so that it is not visible clearly in the normal light. Now tie this string to your middle finger.
4. Now when you start your magic, first show the card by catching on the edges.
5. Now put the card on your palm such that the tape is on the top side.
6. Now put your second palm on the card and see that the string gets stick to the tape correctly.
7. Now start to raise your palm slowly and the card rises in the air. Be careful and do not raise your palm fast as the string may slip the card.

This is the trick to levitate a card.

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