How To: Perform the bandarama card trick

Perform the bandarama card trick

This video shows you how to perform the Bandaram trick. Things you'll need: deck of playing cards, elastic band. Select a card and show it to the spectators. Ace of Spades is chosen as the selected card. Return this card back to the deck. Do a table cut trick of the deck so that this selected card is brought to the top of the deck. After the selected card is placed at the top of the deck give it a few shuffles and cut but keep it on the top only. Do a double turnover so that another card comes on the top of this selected card. Reverse this new card over our selected card while making sure that nobody sees it. Perform this trick by bringing the deck close to your chest, and once hidden with your hands simply turn over to cover it. The viewers are able to see the card that is placed at the bottom of the deck. This is an opportunity for you to remove the last 2 cards of the deck with your thumb. Perform this action so that no one sees it. Bring these 2 cards to the bottom of the deck using double undercut move. You have a position in which the whole deck is facing downwards while our selected card is at the bottom but facing upwards. You have to use an elastic band to buckle the entire deck in such a way that our selected cards remain free at the bottom. Use left thumb to push left while use your left index finger to pull towards right. This will pinch and trap the whole deck while leaving a gap that is enough for you to insert the band. Cut the deck in half and pull the top portion to the left using your thumb. Use your right hand fingers to twist and turn it away and them wrap it underneath. This move shall trap the selected card between the two portions now turn them over. Ask a spectator to hold the desk in this position using his finger and when he removes finger, our selected card shall be kicked up. You have 2 choices- when the deck faces downwards the card is revealed facing upwards and vice versa. Let the revealed card remain in this position.

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