How To: Perform the Black Hole card trick

Perform the Black Hole card trick

A magician demonstrates the "Black Hole Card Trick", Elmsley count, and Ascanio spread. Cards Required: 4 kings, 4 aces, 2 black nines, 1 black eight. Top Stack: Black ace, red ace, then black king, red king, black king, red king (black ace should be on top). 2nd Stack: 8, 9, 2 aces, and other 9. Delivery: Flip top stack. Only show kings. Place top stack back. Lay face-down top 4 cards, which are actually 2 aces and 2 kings. Take side "black hole" stack and do an Elmsley count, only revealing the 8, 9, and 8. Put that stack down. Take top stack. Do a double pull of the cards to only reveal the card of the king. Lay top card face-down, which is an ace. Do a double pull again. Show other king. Lay top card face-down, which is an ace. Flip final 2 cards (kings); lay them face-down (square formation 2 kings closest to you and 2 aces closest to the observer). Casually slide 1 of the aces face-down between 2 kings so formation now looks like a T: King, Ace, King with 1 Ace closest to observer (all face-down). Take 1st king. Slide it into 3rd position of black hole stack. Do an Ascanio spread. (Ascanio spread: slide top out, peel bottom 2 out, and middle pack on other side, so it appears that only 4 cards are being displayed, but middle pack contains 2 cards in this trick). Take middle pack. Display card (which is a 9), flip it to top. Lay down top card, which is an ace. Take ace, from formation in step 10, and slide it into black hole deck into 2nd position. Repeat Ascanio spread; lay ace face-down, having them believe it a king. Repeat Ascanio spread for 3rd card in formation (which is a king) and lay final ace. The rest of the trick is talking about 4 kings, and how they are face-down, and then redirection to the black hole stack which convinces the observer of disappearing cards. The final 4 cards are revealed to not be 4 kings, but 4 aces.

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