How To: Perform the Card Transport Magic Trick

Perform the Card Transport Magic Trick

Things required:

1. A good pack of cards
2. Patience
3. Basic sleights of hand (Double Lift, Riffle)

Effect of the magic:

The magician displays a normal pack of cards facing down to the spectators, which is then shuffled by any one spectator. The magician then displays the top card of the pack and puts it back on top. He then places the chosen top card somewhere in the middle of the pack. He then makes a small riffle (the sound made by forcing the ends of the cards), and to the surprise of the spectators, the chosen card had returned to the top of the pack.

Performance secret:

At first, hand over the pack of cards to a spectator and instruct him to shuffle the pack. Now take the pack and carefully perform the double lift (a method by which the top two cards of the pack are lifted, but shown to the spectators as one card). In fact, the spectators see the the second card of the pack. Now put the cards back on the pack. Remove only the first card and insert it into the middle portion of the pack, saying that it is their chosen card. The chosen card actually remains at the top of the pack. Now make a riffle and boast, saying that you are going to make the chosen card come back to the top of the pack. Slowly reveal the top card... And see the spectators amused and amazed.


  • Learn to perform a good double lift.
  • Practice the trick over and over again in front of a mirror before performing it to spectators.
  • Add humor while performing the trick.
  • Do not let the spectators come too close to you while performing the trick.

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