How To: Perform Criss Angel's color changing deck trick

Perform Criss Angel's color changing deck trick

This video reveals how a magic trick which was performed by Criss Angel, in which your card deck appears to change colors. For this trick, you will need two decks of cards, one which is red and one which is blue. You then have to use double sided tape to tape a red card to a blue one, so that you appear to have a card which is red on one side and blue on the other. The rest of the cards will be from the blue deck. Place the double-sided red card on top of the deck so that it appears that the entire deck is red. Then, you show that top card while going through the deck, telling the observer to choose a card. After this card has been chosen, you close the deck and show that the whole deck is blue except for the red card. After doing a double turn, you can reveal that the card they had chosen is in fact the red card. By using the simple tricks demonstrated in the video, you should be able to perform this simple magic card trick.

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