How To: Perform the "dyslexic queens" card trick

Perform the "dyslexic queens" card trick

In this Magic & Parlor Tricks video tutorial you will see the "dyslexic queens" card trick. The 4 queens are laid out on the table face down; three in one line and the 4th below the top line. To each queen 3 red cards are added. These cards are between 1 to 10; no jacks or kings. Now the top 3 stacks are picked up one by one shuffled and when turned over, the queen has vanished. All the 4 queens are found in the 4th stack. Then the 4 stacks are put face down with 4 queens in the 4th stack. One card is removed from here and the 3 cards when given a jerk turn into reds. With the queen in hand, the other 3 stacks are turned over and the queens are back in their original places.

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