How To: Perform the Last 3 card trick

Perform the Last 3 card trick

For this tutorial we are picking three Aces because they are the easiest to remember. Make 4 piles of cards. First pile is ten cards. Second pile is 15 cards. Third pile is 15 cards. The last pile will be 9. Take the Ace of Spades (the example card),put it on one pile and put any number of cards on top. Take the Ace of Hearts (another example card), put it on the second pile and put any number of cards on top. Take the last Ace put it on top and put the last pile on top of that one. Stack them all together going from the last stack that was touched to the first. Take the four top cards and place them on the bottom. put the remaining cards in two piles in the following pattern: First card up, second card down, third card up, fourth card down. When the pile finishes, place the up cards to the side and do the same with the down cards. When you are down to the last three cards, they are the example cards.

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