How To: Perform a math addition card trick great for kids

Perform a math addition card trick great for kids

This video is actually about how to perform a math addition card trick. Firstly take two sets of four cards in which one of the sets consists of 2 of hearts whereas the other set consists of 3 of spades. Then take the set of 3's and place it under the 2's then once it is turned over you get four cards of 3's on the top which is placed aside and the remaining cards are of 2's. Now if you just give a shake then one of the cards of 2's turn into 3 of spades and when the shake is repeated another card turns into 3. Then again repeating it twice again you get to turn all the cards of 2's into 3's. Then the set of cards which was placed aside is taken and is found that it all consists of 2 of hearts. Now no matter how you add this two sets cards of 2's and 3's according to the commutative property of addition, you would get the sum as 5 and you get the set of cards of 5 and again using the commutative property if you add this number i.e., 5+5 you get the sum as 10. This is called the commutative property of addition and with this it's done.

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