How To: Perform the mind blowing trick "card text"

Perform the mind blowing trick "card text"

First of all you need to a set up deck. You need to learn about two things. First you need to learn about calculating the numerical value of the card and also work out the suit the card. First take out a card and lay it face up. This is 4 of clubs. The rule here is that next card shall be 3 more in numerical value because this deck is a set up. So pick the next card that is 7(4+3) of hearts then 10 of spade (10+3) and then king of diamonds (10+3). Now remember the phrase "chsd", c for club, h for hearts, s for spades and d for diamonds. Now put all the cards in the deck. Pick out any card and lay it on the table. This is 10 of clubs. Now you have to do two calculations. First the next card shall be 13 (10+3) that is the king. And from "chsd" it shall be hearts. Next card shall be 13+3 that is 16 or 3 and of spade because it comes after hearts. This is the setup of the cards. Do some false cuts and allow the spectator to pick any card. Now place the deck such that the card which was above the chosen card should be at the bottom. Just have a glimpse and then calculate in your mind what shall be the value and type of the chosen card. That's it.

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