How To: Perform the popular "whispers" card trick

Perform the popular "whispers" card trick

Andy Field shows you how to perform the "Whispers" card trick by John Mendoza. This is a more advanced trick that requires a detailed setup that Andy demonstrates.
Andy shows you how to set up this trick by choosing three cards you can remember, and combining them with the aces and two queens of opposite colors. The point of the trick is to use a red queen that "tells" the magician the number and suit of the three cards that the magician selected and remembered earlier. As the queen makes her magically correct predictions, the magician surreptitiously exchanges ace cards for the cards the queen is calling. When the magician then shows the audience that the remembered cards have magically jumped from the table to the magician's hands, the audience expects the cards on the table to be queens. But in the final reveal, the magician shows that the cards are all aces. Andy walks through the trick, providing helpful tips for audience control. He also shows how to create excuses to move cards where they need to be to set up the big finale.

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