How To: Perform the prediction card trick

Perform the prediction card trick

In order to perform a prediction card trick, you will need the following: a deck of cards, the box the cards came in, a pen or a pencil, and paper. With this trick, you hand the deck of cards to a bystander. In advance, remove four black cards from the deck, and place them in the box. Tell the bystander to shuffle the cards as much as they want. You write down your prediction on a sheet of paper and set it aside. Your prediction should be, "There are four more pairs of red cards than pairs of black cards in the deck". When the person is done shuffling, tell them to make 3 piles of cards. As they peel 2 cards off the deck at a time, tell them to make a separate pile for pairs of reds, pairs of blacks, and the 3rd pile should be for cards that are one of each. Pick up the stack of cards that have one of each. Place them in the card box. Afterwards, have the bystanders count the cards. If they want you to do it again, your prediction should be that there will be an equal number of each red and black.

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