How To: Perform the three-card monte throw

Perform the three-card monte throw

The one card trick that every street magician or street hustler needs to know is 3 Card Monte. With the help of this video tutorial, you'll see exactly how to perform the three-card monte throw. There is no real magic here, it's all just a sleight of hand, which is needed for any magic card trick.

Three-card monte is the con man game of choice, where the dealer shows the player three cards, then moves them around face-down, the player being obligated to pick the specified card from among the three.

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Nice Video

that was an exellent explanation of a throw. it helps me get through the txt in the book that i was getting lost in the txt of. card college. great book, but that was a great explanation., thanks

i didnt get it!!! lol joking nice one

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