How To: Perform the "ultimate transportation two" card trick

Perform the "ultimate transportation two" card trick

In order to perform the ultimate transportation two card trick, you will need the following: 2 jokers, 2 contrasting cards, the remainder of the deck of cards, and a flat surface.

The setup involves placing 2 cards between the two jokers. Then, put the 4 cards faced up on the bottom of the deck. Place your 2 contrasting cards on top of another card. Then, put them on the top of the deck.

Next, you will show the audience the top card. Announce that you are putting it in the middle of the deck, but you will do a double lift instead. Your card should still be on top. Next, you will reveal the second card as the first card. You have to create a reason to put one card down. Now, you are going to position your ace with the indifferent card that you switched out earlier in the middle of the deck. Now, you will need to do a reveal. Do a swing cut.

Spread the cards and place 2 indifferent cards. Gather them up and do a slip cut. Split and drop the 2 cards. Place the 2 jokers that you just revealed on top of the deck. You take up the top 4 cards. They are the reserved cards. Then, you'll need to hide your reserved cards between the jokers. Then, do a reveal.

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