How To: Turn four queens in to aces magic trick

Turn four queens in to aces magic trick

This is a slight of hand magic trick. You show four cards. The top card is a Queen of Spades. Place the Queen of Spades on the table. The bottom card is a Queen of Hearts. Shake the cards. The four cards are now Aces. To do this trick, you need a gimmick card. Use double stick tape to attach the Ace and Queen together. Then, you have another Queen and three Aces. Put double stick tape on back of Queen. Now, you have Ace, Ace, Queen, Ace. Put double stick tape in the middle of Queen of Hearts. Show that you have four cards. Hide the fifth card. Make a break and turn the top card. Do a double lift twice which will reveal the Ace. Take all the cards from the bottom to reveal the Queen of Hearts (you really have three cards in your hand.) Put it on top of the cards in your hand. Flip the Queen with the double stick tape. Put down the three Aces.

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