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News: Is This a Godsend or Simply Illegal? Get the Ultimate Magic Bible Now (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Ricky Jay is a living cult hero. Adored by the serious magic community, revered by contemporary playwrights such as David Mamet, Ricky is in constant demand. In truth, he has never quite achieved the wealth commensurate with his worth and acclaim. So we felt a tinge of shock when we saw that one of his classic books, Cards As Weapons, is now available free on Scribd, uploaded by a gentleman named Uncle Phil. I mean, we would not shed any tears if a David Copperfield book or DVD were uploaded ...

News: Mark the deck & win every game!

Poker, Blackjack, Old Maid... take your pick. A marked deck will make you an ace at 'em all. For this cheat you need a Bicycle deck, a box cutter, keen eyesight and an excellent memory of the code. Essentially, you're carving a miniscule symbol for every card's value onto its back.

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