How To: Do the "Jack the bounty hunter" card trick

Do the "Jack the bounty hunter" card trick

This card trick is called Jack the Bounty Hunter. After a series of cuts, placements, and sorting, Jack the Bounty Hunter ends up adjacent to a card the spectator picked earlier in the trick. Brief synopsis of the procedure (you need to see the video for the full explanation): First, you set a Jack aside. Then you make two piles of 15 cards and set them aside. The spectator gets a pile, and you get a pile. Cards are cut. The spectator picks a card from the remainder of the deck. The spectator looks at this card and places it on top of either part of his/her cut pile. The cards are then piled atop each other in the specific manner described in the video. The cards are sorted by the magician into two piles and the pile without the Jack is discarded until one ends up with two cards -- Jack the Bounty Hunter and the spectator's card.

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