How To: Do the Hindu Shuffle & Hindu Control

Do the Hindu Shuffle & Hindu Control

Here's a video tutorial that will surely teach you how to do Hindu Shuffle and Hindu Control. Shuffle the cards to your audience and let a person pick a card. Retain the bottom card not by overhand shuffle since it's obvious that the bottom card is retained. Hindu Shuffle does the same thing as overhand shuffle except that it's done in a different angle and way of handling. Force the bottom card by holding the deck with your right hand's thumb, ring and middle fingers. Take off half of the deck, and put the chosen card above the lower half and do the control. Use the extra fingers of your right hand to pick up a few cards from the lower half and keep the gap with your pinky. Keep pulling off the deck until the lower half of the deck reached the top. Follow these simple steps and begin to master the Hindu Shuffle and Hindu Control.

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