How To: Do a prediction card trick

Do a prediction card trick

Learn a unique prediction card trick to impress your friends. Items needed: a deck of cards (with the box), a pen and a piece of paper. Memorize and place 3 cards inside the box before you begin the trick. Make your spectators inspect or shuffle the remaining cards. Place the remaining cards inside the box and make sure your audience does not see the hidden ones inside. Tell your audience that you will make a prediction but do not disclose the number of cards you'll be predicting. Write down the 3 cards you've memorized on a piece of paper. Take out the full deck from the box. Cut the deck in two then discard the other half that doesn't have the 3 hidden cards. Deal the cards in 3 piles. Turn the cards on the top over so that the suit faces your audience. Match them with what you've written on the paper. Learning this prediction card trick will surely make your friends go wild!

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